Cardi B is known for her bold fashion choices and over-the-top looks, and her recent anime-inspired outfit is no exception. The rapper served up major anime vibes over the weekend, channeling her inner otaku with a unique and eye-catching ensemble. Let’s break down Cardi B’s outfit and delve into the details of her anime-inspired look.

Cardi B’s outfit featured a $880 green Vetements SS24 graphic top, originally a long-sleeve turtleneck that had been altered into a short-sleeve cropped top. The top was made in Italy and showcased the brand’s signature edgy aesthetic. Celebrity stylist Kollin Carer, known for his innovative styling techniques, played a key role in bringing this look to life.

To complete her anime-inspired ensemble, Cardi B paired the Vetements top with a brown plaid mini skirt that showcased her intricate green peacock tattoo. Embracing the theme even further, she accessorized with white thigh-high socks and statement Marc Jacobs platforms. The black platforms, known as ‘The Croc Embossed Kiki’ heels, retail for $550 and feature pin-buckle straps at the vamp and a towering 6-inch heel.

Cardi B’s glam game was equally on point, earning a 10/10 rating. Her makeup featured metallic eyeshadow, dramatic eyeliner, and a glossy lined lip, enhancing her fierce look. For her hair, she opted for a mini pompadour ponytail with sideburns, styled by the renowned Tokyo Stylez.

The entire ensemble exuded a playful and vibrant energy, perfectly capturing the spirit of anime and showcasing Cardi B’s fearless approach to fashion. From the unique styling choices to the attention-grabbing accessories, every detail of the look was carefully curated to make a statement.

Cardi B’s anime-inspired outfit sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The question of whether the look was a hit or a miss lingered in the air, with opinions split on the bold and unconventional styling. Some praised Cardi B for pushing the boundaries of fashion and embracing a playful theme, while others raised eyebrows at the eccentricity of the ensemble.

Overall, Cardi B’s anime-inspired look was a testament to her unapologetic and daring fashion sense. By embracing the world of anime and incorporating it into her personal style, she demonstrated a fearless approach to dressing that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of anime or simply appreciate bold fashion choices, Cardi B’s outfit is sure to leave a lasting impression. Love it or hate it, one thing is for certain – Cardi B knows how to make a statement with her style.

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